Qualitative Research

In Perception we believe that carrying out a Qualitative Research depends on an open look to the richness and complexity of the consumers we talked to. That means always having in mind that people are unlimited combinations of affections, passions, feelings and perceptions about the world. And that, to understand them, it is necessary to know how to observe, ask and listen in a specialized and precise way. Lastly, we believe that having empathy for what we listened and observed is essential to be able to transform the obtained information in real knowledge for our customers.
A research route to enhance the innovation process of a brand, products, communication.

Process of Innovation and brainstorming Perception

Ethnographic applied to market research

Observation and direct interaction with a determined group of interest, through visits to the customers' house, diverse interaction via mobile, purchases supervision, direct testimony of their habits and behaviors.

Creation Brainstorming

Brainstorming with the customer team to generate ideas and to solve great challenges.

Co-creator groups

in this step; the customer is treated as an "active partner" of the project team in the refinement of concepts and in the solution of great challenges. They participate in the process by creating, interfering and reassessing what was modified from the consumer's opinion.

Online Qualitative Research

Bulletin boards

The respondents are regularly connected to an online platform for a period of a few days and they perform tasks, answer questions, interact to each other.

Online Group Discussions

All subjects are connected at the same time and participate in a group moderated online anywhere in the country.

Research via mobile

Subjects are invited to interact via mobile, which makes it possible to capture instantaneous moments of their behaviors, thoughts and perceptions.

Our Quali

Careful and creative planning
Rigor and excellence in the task execution
Agility and Punctuality in the Deadlines
Quality of the Moderation / Qualitative research conduction
Total Quali / Quanti integration
Integration Quali and Sensory Research
Neuromarketing associated to the Qualitative research
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