Quantitative Research

Perception has experience and structure to innovate!

We know the importance of the quantitative studies in the decision-making. That is why it is fundamental that the research solution is carefully designed to meet every need of our customers. We have experience and structure to meet the needs, whatever they are. Always with a creative and innovative touch, from planning to presentation. Always with a special attention. In quantitative research we have a full menu of solutions, since the most traditional until the most revolutionary one, regarding techniques and data collection, responding to several stages of the innovation and renovation funnel or the business plan.


Habits and Attitudes

Getting to know the market, map the brands, raise needs and opportunities (white spaces), aiming the definition of business strategies.

Attitudinal segmentation

Comprehending the different groups of consumers and their peculiarities, aiming to develop stratified strategies of communication and positioning.

Decision Tree

Defining the process of decision in a specific category and/or shopping channel, aiming to develop visibility strategies and activation.


Ideas or concepts

Carrying out screening, evaluating or improving ideas or concepts aiming innovation/renovation of portfolio and future developments of products and services.

Brand Stretch

Raising and evaluating possible ways to extend the line for the brands, aiming innovation/renovation of portfolio and future developments of products and services.


Product Test

Products in development to raise acceptance, shopping intention, preference, evaluate specific sensory attributes aiming the release of a new formulation or adjustment/adequacy of formulation in existing products.

Conjoint Analysis

Optimization of features of products and services, aiming the most appropriate offer.

TURF analysis

Optimization of products lines, variants, flavors, aiming a greater coverage of the potential public.

Price elasticity

Defining the price to be used, aiming to optimize the choices, with better results in volume and/or value.


Evaluating alternatives of package in a diagnostic way, aiming to define the best package, with perfect fit with the brand and the consumer.


Evaluation of the campaign, advertisement pre-test, aiming to adjust the language and the communicative elements to the brand strategy.