About US

Perception was founded in September 2000, is part of Grupo Investiga, and is specialized in sensory studies (trained panels) and consumer studies (product test) in the fields of food, beverages, cosmetics, personal and home care, fine fragrances, dyes, papers and absorbent tissues, among others.

flyfrog was founded in 2013 to offer qualitative and quantitative advertising to companies of consumer products, services and durable goods. Its proposal was always to offer top-notch services, analytical quality services and quality control superior to the services offered by the large international research companies.

Managed by Rodrigo Toni, ex-CEO of big research companies and with a team of experts leading their areas of operation.

Senior Attention

The daily routine of the project will be followed by a manager and supervised and revised by a director.

Customized planning

We make our plan according to your need, without shelf products.

Quality Control

in addition to traditional controls of field and recruitment, Market Research is certified by ISO 20.252


We always use new techniques to understand our consumers.