Sensory: Sensory Panels and Concept and Product Tests


Análises Sensoriais

Trained panels with own panelists and state of the art facilities.

Análises Sensoriais

Descriptive tests or discrimination tests.

Análises Sensoriais

Quantitative concept and product tests with consumers.

Análises Sensoriais

Qualitative diagnosis of after use products.

Análises Sensoriais

Understanding of the quality dimensions: needs and directive points of preference.

Trained Panels

    Análises Sensoriais
  • Panel with Trained Professional Hairdressers
  • Análises Sensoriais
  • Skin Products Panel
  • Análises Sensoriais
  • Olfactory Panel
  • Análises Sensoriais
  • Food and Beverages Panel
  • Análises Sensoriais
  • Deodorant Panels
  • Análises Sensoriais
  • Paper Panel and Absorbing Materials
  • Análises Sensoriais
  • Soaps Panel
Claims Support
Trained assessors describe and quantify sensory self-perceived attributes of products by quantitative scales.


Consumers perception of products and concepts.

Emotional arousal caused by products and fragrances.

Sensory guiding of consumers preference.

Confirmation of sensory claims.

  • We are experts in Sensory Analysis
  • Own guidelines with hundreds of cases as reference.
  • Modeling of Preference (Drivers of preference).
  • Expertise in claims support
  • Pioneers in application of neuroscience to Sensory Analysis.
  • Technical Diaries
  • Qualitative study application for products diagnosis.