Quantitative and Qualitative Research: Learnings at the time of Covid-19...

Over the last few weeks, since the report of the first cases of infection by the COVID-19 in the country, we performed many ONLINE AND TELEPHONE FIELD studies, in QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE projects, all of them respecting the SOCIAL DISTANCINGguidelines.

  • - Whether for having more time, or for being more isolated, wanting to talk, people, in general, are more receptive and willing to participate in studies.
  • - Despite the current situation, people are learning to separate the subjects: when it’s time to talk about Covid, it’s time to talk about it; when it’s time to talk about research, it’s time to talk about the research.
  • - In the QUANTITATIVE TELEPHONE STUDIES, the respondents are very willing to talk on the phone; the field team is able to, even by telephone, to have a close contact with the subjects, ensuring quality and engagement.
  • - When we send, by bellboy, PRODUCTS TO BE TESTED AT HOME, the subjects are relieved to know that all the hygiene and safety cares are being taken and, already used to the new reality of delivery services, they know how to deal with the receipt and handling of the products.
  • - In the ONLINE GROUP DISCUSSIONS (by Zoom), the subjects demonstrate to be very comfortable with the technologies, which, at the moment, are being even more used, they understand really well the dynamics, each one speaks at their turn and, soon, a conversation is established, and despite the current moment, it is nice and relaxed.
  • - In the QUANTITATIVE ONLINE STUDIES, through Access Panel, the level of engagement remains the same, without compromise with the level of participation..

We know that the current moment is very peculiar and delicate, and that everyone, companies and people, are rethinking their priorities and plans, learning everyday how to deal with the new reality. We, from Perception, are too, and we will continue sharing with you our new learnings so that everyone can go back to normal life as fast as possible - with safety and health in first place.

“Based on the experience we had, the telephone interviews have presented themselves with a depth of information that is so rich as the on-site interviews - the subjects showed themselves more motivated and involved when participating in them" Estela Brunhara - Quantitative Studies Director.
“From all of my years moderating on-site, I’m completely secure to affirm that the online groups are in no way behind in relation to the on-site ones”. Camila Toni - Qualitative Studies Director.


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